Basil Hallward
Species: Human
Job: Painter
First seen in: The Picture of Dorian Gray (audio story)
Appearances: The Fallen King of Britain
Main actor: Marcus Hutton
Other actors: Sean Carlsen

Basil Hallward painted Dorian's infamous portrait when Dorian was 18. He loved Dorian and worried for his soul and well being after Dorian met Basil's friend Lord Henry Wotton. Basil was fully aware of Wotton's moral relativism and charisma and the effect it might have on a vulnerable person.

Basil continued to defend and support Dorian as the younger man embraced a hedonistic life largely overseas. In the end he confronted Dorian on his way to Paris. Dorian, incensed by Basil's concerns and pious reaction to Dorian's revelation of his portrait and his terrible bargain, kills Basil with one of the painter's own palete knives. He then blackmails an acquaintance into disposing of Basil's body.