Genevieve Moreau
Species: Human
Job: Hotel Manageress
Place of origin: France
First seen in: 'This World Our Hell'
Main actor: Marilyn Le Conte
Genevieve Moreau is the manageress of the Hotel D'Alsace where Oscar Wilde spends his last days. She has an unsavory, and to a degree, ridiculous reputation. Some claim she keeps her husband's severed head in a hatbox. As Dorian's visit unfolds it becomes clear that she at least some of her reputation is deserved. She has been stealing the belongings of mysteriously missing guests to line her pockets.

There is an evil force lurking within the Hotel D'Alsace that targets individual souls. Any person is safe so long as they are in the company of another soul. Dorian, having no soul, discovers the secret then destroys the manageress by confronting her on his own. Alone in the hotel with no other soul to buffer the entity she is killed, or worse..