Isadora Victoria Rigby
Main aliases: Dora, Isadora Gray
Species: Human
Place of origin: England
First seen in: The Twittering of Sparrows
Appearances: All Through The House
Main actor: Katy Manning

Isadora 'Dora' Rigby nee Gray is Dorian's younger sister. Dorian found her in Singapore in 1956. She liked playing Mahjong with Alasdair Bellamy. She kept a scrap book which tracked Dorian's travels through the world. She hated his curse. She was curious about Dorian. She was possessed by The Dragons and they prolonged her life. Dorian killed her to trap the Dragons. (The Twittering of Sparrows) Dorian saw someone who looked like her in 2015. He then kept seeing visions of her dying on every floor. (All Through The House)

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