Luke Glass is a serial killer. He targets Dorian after someone within Victoria Lowell's organization informs him of Dorian's existence. They first meet at a coffee shop near Dorian's home. Luke poisons Dorian's coffee and 'helps' him home to watch him die. After Dorian recovers Luke tells him he's going to keep killing him.

Time passes with Luke murdering and stalking Dorian, he stabs, electrocutes, batters and otherwise comes up with different methods of killing. Dorian starts to keep a diary of his deaths on his voice mail, Luke then hacks Dorian's email and listens to the recordings. Dorian tracks down one of Luke's previous therapists to find background information on the killer. Luke doesn't appreciate the violation of his privacy. Growing dissatisfied with Dorian's reaction to his deaths - Dorian suffers through the deaths but ultimately grows bored with Luke and his antics - Luke ups the stakes. He traps Dorian in a chamber that fills with water when the tide comes in forcing Dorian to drown. He includes numerous weapons in the chamber that Dorian can use to kill himself should the constant drowning become too much.

Eventually Dorian uses his ragged clothes to force the door to the chamber open by plugging the gaps around it and letting the water pressure do the work. Free, he tricks Luke and imprisons him in the chamber to experience drowning to death first hand. Before leaving him to his fate Dorian smugly informs Luke that there is nothing waiting for him after death. (We Are Everywhere)

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