Natalie Isaacs
Species: Human
Job: Artist, Thief
First seen in: The Mayfair Monster
Natalie Isaacs is a main character in the long format season 2 two part special The Mayfair Monster.

Natalie encounters Dorian while he is in a miserable mental state and drinking peach schnapps as there's nothing else available. She joins him in a drinking contest, which she wins. From then on they develop an intense sexual and romantic relationship.

It is later revealed that Natalie intentionally initiated and manipulates the relationship. She is aware of his unique nature and is attempting to acquire his painting. She strings him along then tells him she has been difficult to reach because she was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. On New Years Eve 1999 he decides to take her to the vault in London where he is now keeping his portrait. She stabs him to death and steals his painting.

When Dorian revives he is confronted by the formerly genial older security guard and put in his place. Dorian manages to extricate himself and leaves. Later he begins to develop sudden severe signs of aging. Desperate and unable to care for himself he turns to Tom, the security guard, as there is literally no one else he can go to.

Tom cares for Dorian while they try to find Natalie.

Meanwhile Natalie has been attempting to copy Dorian's painting and capture the secret of his immorality on behalf of mysterious clients (later revealed to be Victoria Lowell's organization). Unfortunately every time she partially succeeds in creating a copy it somehow weakens Dorian's curse causing the horrifying symptoms and injuries that have left him maimed, hideous, and unable to care for himself.

Tom and Dorian eventually find Natalie's hideaway. Tom helps Dorian into the building where Dorian encounters one of the copies. He realizes what is happening and confronts Natalie. In the end Dorian is restored, the copies destroyed, and Natalie is left alive in spite of Dorian's reputation.

Her current status and whereabouts are unknown.

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