Rosina Sawyer was a singer in 1911. Dorian Gray became infatuated with her after hearing her sing at a music hall. She soon became pregnant with his child, but Dorian had lost interest with her at this point. Rosina set fire to the music hall where they had met, with her inside.

In 1940 Rosina came back into Dorian's life as part of the Lost, making him recall the time they had spent together. She communicated with Dorian through the medium Miss Haylock, as part of a ploy to guilt Dorian into burning his Portait and release herself, their unborn son and the other tortured souls making up the Lost. However before this could succeed a German bomb destroyed the music hall Dorian was in, allowing him to excise the Lost and their influence from his system. (The Houses in Between)

Notes Edit

  • Rosina was her stage name, chosen by her father. Her real name is Mary.
  • Rosina is played by Lorna Rose Harris
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