Series Five Box Set
Main character(s): Dorian Gray
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Director: Scott Handcock
Music: James Dunlop, Ioan Morris & Rhys Downing
Sound: Neil Gardner
Cover by: Stuart Manning
Release details
Release date: October 2015
Production code: BFPDGBOX04
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Production order
Series Four Box Set
The Series Five Box Set is the final release in The Confessions of Dorian Gray range. It is made of four hour long stories set at different points in Dorian's life.

Stories Edit

# Title Writer Featuring
1 One Must Not Look At Mirrors Guy Adams Oscar Wilde
2 Angel of War Roy Gill James Anderson
3 The Valley of Nightmares David Llewellyn Dorothy Parker
4 Ever After Scott Handcock

Notes Edit

  • To those who pre-ordered through Big Finish, Series Five each story was made available weekly via download. This reflects the release strategy of the first two series.
  • The first three stories are presented from the perspective of the main guest character instead of being narrated by Dorian himself.
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