Simon Darlow
Main aliases: Simple Simon
Species: Human
Job: Investment Banker
First seen in: The Fallen King of Britain
Appearances: The Needle Displacement Activity

Simon Darlow is a recurring character. He has a romantic history with Dorian that ended badly. He also handles some of Dorian's finances.


Simon initially encounters Dorian when they're both young and ambitious employees of a major London bank. Simon is shy and sweet as well as somewhat naive when they first meet. He watches Dorian from afar too shy to make a move. Eventually they have a tumultuous and short lived affair during which Simon reluctantly admits that he loves Dorian.

Dorian is plagued by The Lost and a heavy cocaine addiction. He is fascinated by and attracted to Simon but fears he will be and do to Simon what Lord Henry Wotton was and did to him.

Simon talks Dorian out of a suicide attempt and tries to talk him into taking down his portrait and getting clean. He admits again that he does love Dorian but he has to leave him for his own sake. Dorian doesn't object. (The Fallen King of Britain)

Seven years later they're reunited after Dorian returns from a two year absence from the world ostensibly to get his finances in order. Naturally, he contacts Simon late on a Friday night so nothing can be done, nonetheless Simon agrees to meet Dorian at his office in the brand new building built by his firm, the Needle. Simon has changed drastically, although gay he has married the female heir of a rich family who is also gay in order to facilitate her inheritance and his own career. He has lost his naivete and is hard edged instead of sweet. He has risen to a powerful position in the same firm he and Dorian worked at seven years previously. He is openly contemptuous of Dorian but twice extends invitations that may rekindle their affair.

While leaving the Needle Dorian and Simon are confronted by violent spectres haunting the building, they appear to be plague victims from the 16th century or later. They manage to appease the spirits and escape before the building fails. Simon extends makes second potential effort to rekindle their relationship. Dorian, still dejected after his long absence and losing Tobias, rejects him. Once Dorian leaves him, Simon calls an unknown party (presumably Victoria Lowell or someone within her organization) to confirm that Dorian has resurfaced.

Sometime later Dorian calls Simon in a drunken depression at five a.m. Simon emphatically informs Dorian that he is being inappropriate and they are not friends. (The Needle)

He turned up at Dorian's house knowing about Victoria Lowell. Tobias Matthews bit him to make him docile. (Desperately Seeking Santa)

He was asked to visit Dorian when Dorian was in a psychiatric hospital, as The Portrait thought it would help him. Simon didn't ever think he would find Dorian there. Dorian noticed the bite marks and thought Lucifer was controlling him. (Ever After)

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