The Lost
Species: Unknown
First seen in: The Houses in Between
Appearances: The Fallen King of Britain
The lost are an unknown being or group of beings. They appear to represent persons whose deaths or unhappiness were caused by Dorian. Their true nature is as yet undetermined though it is implied they may be trapped souls. They may also be the same thing as or related to the being/s in Echoes.

History Edit

Dorian first saw the Lost in London 1940, manifesting in the flames of houses burning in the Blitz. He began having flashbacks to 1911 when he knew theater hall singer Rosina Sawyer. After a failed attempt by the Lost to incinerate Dorian's portrait, he was able to make contact with Rosina via the medium Miss Haylock.

Dorian entered the remains of the music hall Rosina had sung at, and killed herself burning down, and the Lost attempted to convince him to burn the Portait. Dorian was saved by a German bomb, drawing him away from the influence of the Lost and allowing him to seemingly dissipate it.

After this experience Dorian believed he saw them as faces in the shadows and in the flame of a match, knowing they would remain following him around.

Individuals part of the Lost Edit

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