Tom Sadler
Species: Human
Job: Bank Secuity Guard
First seen in: The Mayfair Monster
Main actor: Colin Baker
Tom Sadler was the guard at the London Bank during the turn of the 20th century. One of the vaults he protected contained Dorian Gray's Portrait.

History Edit

Tom was employed at the London Bank as a Security Guard. He'd let Dorian Gray into his vault, where he would spend hours to Tom's curiosity.

Tom met famous artist Natalie Isaacs on New Years Eve, when she accompanied Dorian to his vault, going on about a scandal she was involved in before realising who she was. Tom discovered Dorian after Natalie stabbed him and stole his Portrait, and Dorian bullied him into letting him leave.

After Dorian became affected, by what Natalie was doing to the Portrait, he was forced to turn to Tom for care and shelter. Tom would obtain bandages and read newspaper articles to Dorian to find Natalie, eventually linking her to a factory restoration. He drove Dorian to the factory, where Natalie was storing failed reproductions of the Portrait. Tom assisted Dorian in regaining his memories and youth, Dorian leaving him after recovering his Portrait and restoring himself. (The Mayfair Monster).

Notes Edit

  • Tom was played by Colin Baker, best known for his role as the Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who in the 80's and reprised for Big Finish Productions.
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